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Togethër @ Genfest Web3 Event: Unveiling the Future of Collaboration

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

Penang, 30th June 2023 - 1st July 2023 - Digital Penang

Team Togethër, led by the CEO Yanzer Lee and COO Kayel Lee, along with the Blockchain Lead Dilip Kumar, Zhenyu Ng, Marketing Manager Jonathan Lim, and other exceptional team members, eagerly seized the opportunity to showcase our groundbreaking idea and cutting-edge technology at the prestigious Genfest Web3 Event.

Genfest, the ultimate physical NFT-related festival, served as the perfect stage to celebrate the world of NFTs and new technologies. With an unwavering focus on conferences and talks, Genfest brought together a global community of creators, collectors, and enthusiasts fostering a shared space of knowledge and insights. Our panel discussions delved into a vast array of topics, spanning NFTs, AI, Global Macro, Web3, VCs, and beyond, truly encapsulating the spirit of innovation.

Embracing the Power of Acceptance

Attendee response was overwhelmingly positive, with 1,037 participants registering to become part of the Togethër community. This outstanding accomplishment resulted in an astounding 83% sign-up rate, which further confirmed the attendees' intense passion and enthusiasm. Although most of these participants immediately embraced our proposal and signed up, we realised that the broader public required more explanation of our revolutionary concept.

The great degree of acceptance from the Web3 community demonstrated how our vision and their goals align. Furthermore, we saw the amazing phenomenon of viral social media marketing in action. Remarkably, fifty percent of the new sign-ups were friends of attendees who had been enthralled with our idea via social media and direct messaging, rather than attendees themselves. Our strategic decision to use the possibilities of community-driven and socially-powered sharing onboarding was validated by this overwhelming success.

Igniting the Flame of Incentives

To further ignite the enthusiasm of our guests, we introduced a lucky draw. Each sign-up received a coveted lucky draw ticket, and the excitement multiplied as successful referrals earned additional tickets. For instance, when A referred B to sign up, both A and B received a ticket, elevating A's chances with two tickets. The momentum continued as A referred C and B referred D, with each member involved receiving a ticket. This enticing draw proved to be a powerful catalyst, attracting a significant number of sign-ups who were drawn in by the allure of the prizes on offer.  

In addition to the lucky draw, we instilled a sense of friendly competition by introducing a top referrer prize. This esteemed accolade would be awarded to the individual who referred the highest number of members, with the competition closing on the 9th of August. The anticipation and drive to secure this honor created a vibrant atmosphere within our growing community.

Captivating Hearts and Minds

Togethër secured a coveted slot to promote our app and program to guests attending the panel talks. This prime opportunity allowed us to deliver a captivating and concise app promotion, followed by a lively Q&A session to ensure a complete understanding of our innovative concept. The crowd was thoroughly entertained, and the impact was evident as many flocked to our booth post-slot, eager to inquire further and sign up to be part of our transformative movement.

Unveiling a World of Infinite Possibilities

On the second day of the event, Togethër took the stage to deliver a keynote address that left the audience captivated. CEO Yanzer Lee and COO Kayel Lee eloquently introduced our program and app, providing an in-depth exploration of our vision and the profound impact we aimed to achieve. The keynote struck a resounding chord with the attendees, resulting in a surge of sign-ups as they eagerly joined our movement and embraced the boundless potential for collaboration offered by Togethër.

Celebrating Unity and Connections

As the event drew to a close, Team Togethër, along with esteemed Web3 guests, were honored with an invitation to the exclusive VIP after-party held at the renowned Fort Cornwallis in Penang. The atmosphere was electric as renowned DJ "Ms. Puiyee" took the stage, enveloping the venue in a pulsating rhythm of exhilarating EDM dance music. The after-party provided a multitude of features to indulge and entertain our esteemed guests, including electrifying DJs and music, a delectable selection of drinks and food, exciting freebies, captivating 360-degree videos, and an unparalleled networking experience. It was an evening of celebration, forging new connections, and solidifying the bonds within the web3 community.

A Quantum Leap Towards a Collaborative Future

Togethër's participation at Genfest Web3 Event marked a pivotal milestone on our path to transforming the world through collaboration. The remarkable rate of enrolment and the broad support from the web3 community and the general public validated the impact of our strategy and the resonance of our vision. We are getting closer to the reality of a world brought together by cooperation with every new member that joins our ranks.

Genfest served as a catalyst, propelling our movement forward and igniting a revolution in the way we connect, create, and collaborate. As the echoes of this remarkable event continue to reverberate, we stand poised to shape a future where barriers crumble, innovation thrives, and together, we unlock infinite possibilities.


Togethër @ Genfest Web3 Event, Penang

Date: 30 June 2023 & 1 July 2023

Venue: Digital Penang 

The pinnacle of physical NFT festivals, Genfest honors the innovative realm of NFTs and emerging technologies. With a prime focus on the conference and talks, Genfest brings together creators, collectors, and enthusiasts from around the world to deliver valuable knowledge and insights. We address a wide range of subjects in our panel discussions, such as NFTs, Al, Global Macro, Web3, VCs, and more.

Other than that, a wide range of other events and activities such as an ideathon, a studio, exhibitions, workshops, and a music competition is included in Genfest. Attendees have the opportunity to interact with the newest NFT innovations and technologies, pick the brains of industry professionals, and meet other like-minded people.

Day 1 (30 June 2023)

Time: 1000 hrs - 1800 hrs

Estimated visitors: 170 pax

Sign up: 137

Ratio of sign up: 81%

Day 1 of the event saw a lot of attendees for the panels discussion and talks. We took the opportunity to speak to them and encourage downloads, the result was quite encouraging considering we had a success rate or more than 80%.

Day 2 (1 July 2023)

  • Time: 1000 hrs - 1800 hrs

  • Estimated visitors: 280 pax

  • Sign up: 123

  • Ratio of sign up: 44%

As this is the weekend, there are more walk ins as well as attendees for the panels and talks. There are returning attendees from the day before to attend the panels and talks. While the closing ratio overall wasn’t as high as the day before, the team manage to convince many of the walk ins to sign up to the app.

  • Total Estimated visitors: 450 pax

  • Total Sign up: 237

  • Ratio of sign up: 53%

Overall the sign up rate was very good, with more than 50% of the guests attended to signs up. We find that majority of the attendees are very excited about the project and would sign up right away, while the public still needs a little convincing and explanation of how the whole thing works. 

This showed that the acceptance level within web3 community is high. As for the general public, the acceptance level is very positive. 

As an incentive for guests to sign up, a lucky draw is held to encourage sign up and for members to refer others.

Each sign up is given a lucky draw ticket, subsequently, each successful sign up from referees will be given a ticket too.

  • A signs up → 1 lucky draw ticket

  • A refers B to sign up → Both A & B gets a ticket, A has 2 tickets now

  • A refers C to sign up, B refers D to sign up → All of them gets  ticket. A has 3 tickets, B has 2 tickets, both C & D gets a ticket each

This has helped with the sign up as many are attracted by the prizes given. 

On top of that, a top referrer prize will also be given for the person who refers the most members, this will end 9th August. 

Togethër managed to obtain a slot to promote the app and program to guests who attended the panel talks. This slot was utilised to do a quick promotion of the app as well as conduct quick Q&A to ensure the guests understood the concept as well as the offering by Togethër.

The slot was successful in entertaining the crowd as well as drive sign up as many came to the booth to further enquire and sign up after the slot. 

Togethër was given a slot to present a keynote to the guests on the second day. The keynote was delivered by Yanzer & Kayel, in introducing the program and app. This is an in-depth look into the program, the app, and what we hope to achieve.

This was well received with many were interested in what we have to present and it showed by further driving up sign ups. 

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