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togethër we rule.

A lifestyle coin that bridges the physical world with the Crypto world. It’s cool for consumers and powerful for businesses.

It’s cooler than cash.

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we level up


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The Coin that makes you Cool.

Be invited to the most awesome events and destinations. Dine with celebrities. Cut the ques at clubs. 


Be invited, Be Seen, Together.




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The community that evokes your senses.

Get recommended to the best places to dine by the community and get pampered when you use together coin.

Together Cryptowallet for the Real World 3.0 - concept.pptx.png

we feast




Together Cryptowallet for the Real World 3.0 - concept.pptx (2).png
when 10 members dine together.png

we explore

We connect nearby people together and unlock discounts and perks.

We use location based tech delight and surprise our community.

cooler than cash


Artboard 73.png

Fiats & cryptos to awesome t-coins.


Pay with t-coin and unlock perks.




togethër we prosper.

Spend and earn t-coins that will appreciate in value. 


Saving is cool again. 



managed by DAOs

Artboard 73.png


Managed by a
Decentralised Autonomous Organisation

Imagine an organisation that has no employees, yet has tens of thousands of people working for it

They are no bosses, just the common goal of earning t-coins through growing the network and increasing the worth of t-coin.



love by businesses_edited.jpg

we grow

Loved by Businesses.

Network Loyalty.

Built in loyalty algorithm to ensure community business thrive by being good to members.

network loyalty_1.png

Lowest Transaction Fees

Lowest Fees for both Businesses and Members by cutting thru middle meddles & gateways.

Lowest Transaction Fees_1.png

Worldwide Customers

Brings torrents of worldwide customers due to network recommendations and 0% FX fees.

Worldwide Customers_1.png

Go Viral & Explode.

Extensive P2P and Network Viral tech enables great products and services goes viral.

Go Viral & Explode._1.png

Free New Retail Tool.

We provide powerful tech to enable businesses become competitive. In the digital world.

Free New Retail Tool_1.png

Better supplies, lower cost.

The network bridges suppliers from all over the world, which is vetted. Cost are naturally better due to removal of intermediaries and transaction fees.

Better supplies, lower cost._1.png

We're a community gamification, more than just a crypto wallet.

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business model

Bridging Crypto to the Real World

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slide 28 a.png
slide 28 m.png
crypto vs physical world.png
Parallel Lines



T-coin :
Utility Token

Low weight, Stable Coin for transaction. Buys everything from a cup of coffee, to a trip to Mount Everest.

Parallel Lines




T-Token :
Asset Token


Investment token that will appreciate in value. “Spend-to-Mine”, Finite, and set to increase in “mine-difficulty”.


our tokens

Limited supply.png

Limited Supply

Finite number of token.
Only 10b token exists.

Mine difficulty increment.png

Mine Difficulty Increment

Difficulty / Price to Mine increase in 3.14159% after every 31,4159 tokens are mined.

Spend to mine.png

Spend to Mine

Mine token only with Spending within our Network.

DAO Reserve.png

DAO Reserve

90% of Proceeds Goes into a Reserve, to back the Token Value.

Powerful Tokenomics

trinity : our pillars

slide 23 - trinity pillars.png
trinity pillars_1.png

how it works

together_how it works.png
Together - How it works.png

decentralized autonomous organisation

Decentralized Autonomous Organisation.png

  great for members  


Invest to earn 100X

Be the early adopter, invest and stand a chance to have your money multiply.


Cooler than Cash

The membership that give you the best
perks and exclusivities.


Spend & Invest

Unlock investment token simply by spending as usual within our network.


Love Crypto, Love Us

Use Bitcoin, Ethereum and other
Cryptocurrencies in the real world.

is a visionary product of
Fireworks Digital, an award winning and seasoned marketing tech co.  currently digitising top-tier businesses in south east asia.

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Fireworks logo.png
near x together.png

Grant Recipient from the Near Foundation

Yanzer Lee.jpg

Yanzer Lee

CEO - Founder of Fireworks

Yanzer Lee is the Founder of Fireworks. Through his leadership, Fireworks provides its solutions in South East Asia. With more than 20 years of in the marketing tech industry he is a veteran, and yet still very passionate and hungry.

Kayel Lee brings 20 years of E-Commerce Industry experience. A vereteran in marketplace such as Amazon, eBay, Lazada & more. With plenty of experience in his field, he is able to provide not only the technical skills, but, most importantly, technical leadership and guidance.

Kayel Lee.png

Kayel Lee

Director Business Development, Partner at Fireworks

Head of Tech and Partner to Fireworks, Dilip is a brilliant software developer and trustworthy team player that get things done. He is an expert in Mobile Development, Project Management and Software Architecture.

Dilip K.png

Dilip K.

Head of Tech, Partner at Fireworks

Zen is a brilliant programmer and a software architect. He have been a loyal leader in Fireworks for more than 5 years. Zen have the uncanny ability to “see-the-matrix” in software programming.

Zen Ng.png

Zen Ng

Solution Architect, Partner at Fireworks

20 Years in the IT industry from software development, sales, systems integration & consulting. Worked In Multinational corporations such as Microsoft & IBM - a veteran in the IT industry and an early enthusiast in blockchain.

Ellery Wee.png

Ellery Wee

Advisor at Fireworks Blockchain Initiative

we make it happen

Info Sheet

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togethër wave.png
background 2.png
box 1.png

Together Cash

Working Version of Utility Coin that performs transactions such as Payments and Act As a Reward Points

Together Apps v1.0

  • Consumer App

  • Retail App

Together Apps v1.0

  • Consumer App

  • Retail App


box 2.png

Together Apps v2.0

  • Marketplace

  • Multi-Lingual

  • More marketing magic

Together Token Converter & Exchange Module

Ability to Convert Major Layer 1 Tokens such as BTC, ETH, SOL, NEAR, and others into T.Cash to be spend in 


box 3.png

Together Apps v3.0

  • Metaverse Ready

  • Worldwide Ready

Together Connect

  • Consumer App

  • Retail App

Together Wallet

  • Apps Marketplace

  • Developer SDK

  • Partnership Ecosystem


we begin our journey.


togethër wave.png



Kayel Lee.png
Zen Ng.png
Yanzer Lee.jpg
Dilip K.png
Ellery Wee.png


The Founders

We have a dream, that all that we are passionate about, and all that we’ve been practicing these few decades, will come to make a difference in the world.

The Founders are a team of Technologist and Marketeer from Fireworks Digital, a marketing tech company that currently providing CRM & Marketing Tech to businesses such as Shopping Malls, Retail Chains and Digital Businesses. 


We have the knowhow and passion to drive this project to its prime.

fireworks red logo.png

Together is a visionary product of Fireworks Digital, an award-winning and seasoned marketing tech co. currently digitising top-tier businesses in southeast Asia.

background red.png

15 Years Rock Solid Company

  • Built 1,000++ Tech Projects through out times

  • Experts in Marketing Based Tech

  • Award Winning Top Software Developer in the Region


Building on Ready Tech & Knowhow

  • Fireworks already have Retail Marketing Tech Ready and currently in used by its clienteles.

  • We plan to build on top on this tech to roll out as soon as possible. 

  • Been in the retail marketing space for 15 years.


Ready Activation in Asia

  • Partnerships and presence in multi countries across South East Asia, Japan & U.S.

Powerful tools for Businesses

We build useful tools for business to increase sales, excite their customer, increase visibility and accept crypto payments.

We empower businesses.

Together Digitizing Retail Masterplan.jpg
digitalizing retail masterplan.png
Together Cryptowallet for the Real World 3.0 - concept.pptx (2).png

Ready Tech Showcase

Fireworks’ New Retail

Our ready Tech, Used by Established Retailers & Business for 5 years


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Together Coin is a lifestyle coin that bridges the real world with the crypto world. It’s cool for consumers and powerful for businesses.
It’s cooler than cash.

Cooler than Cash
We bring great lifestyle deals, exclusive access and surprises to our members.


Next Generation Payment
We are the next generation of payment, which members can pay and earn crypto.


Spend  & Grow Rich
Automated saving mode enable member to invest crypto while spending within the network.



We are a decentralised autonoumous organisation.
We are everywhere.




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