togethër we rule.

A lifestyle coin that bridges the physical world with the Crypto world. It’s cool for consumers and powerful for businesses.

It’s cooler than cash.

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together have successfully received a grant from the
Near Foundation 



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we level up

The Coin that makes you Cool.

Be invited to the most awesome events and destinations. Dine with celebrities. Cut the ques at clubs. 


Be invited, Be Seen, Together.

Managed by a
Decentralised Autonomous Organisation

Imagine an organisation that has no employees, yet has tens of thousand of people working for it. 

The are no bosses, just the common goal of earning t-coins though growing the network and increasing the worth of t-coin.

managed by DAOs

togethër we prosper.

Spend and earn t-coins that will appreciate in value. 


Saving is cool again. 

togethër we elevate the lifestyle to our members

Together Coin is a lifestyle coin that bridges the real world with the crypto world. It’s cool for consumers and powerful for businesses.
It’s cooler than cash.

Cooler than Cash
We bring great lifestyle deals, exclusive access and surprises to our members.


Next Generation Payment
We are the next generation of payment, which members can pay and earn crypto.


Spend  & Grow Rich
Automated saving mode enable member to invest crypto while spending within the network.



We are a decentralised autonoumous organisation.
We are everywhere.




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