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Togethër & Fireworks Featured in Khmer Times : Near Cambodia

Cambodia is excited to be part of the NEAR Community!

The Near Cambodia Guild (KH NEAR) was successfully launched on September 2, 2022 at the Factory Phnom Penh.

Through its three pillars The Near Cambodia Guild (KH NEAR) aims to build awareness about Web 3.0., become an incubator for Cambodia talents to start their own Web3 projects, and to create a pool of both local and international developers. The formation of this open community, was led by Mr. Yanzer Lee and core team members, who attained the support from The Near Foundation.

“Cambodia is a thriving and passionate talent pool much needed for this rising technology of Blockchain ” said Yanzer Lee, CEO of Fireworks.

The event was attended by 150+ tech and blockchain enthusiasts, key opinion leaders, fintech and tech association members, and students. The highlight of the event was the very engaging and entertaining panel discussion on blockchain by the KH NEAR Core Team. The panel discussion was moderated by Tomas Pokorny, KH NEAR representative for PR & Government with his panelists Jim Ko, KH NEAR representative for Entrepreneurship, Kayel Lee, KH NEAR representative for Events & Marketing, Saing Sab, KH NEAR representative for DevX and Yanzer Lee, KH NEAR Ambassador and Representative.

Also in attendance were Mr. Remi Pell Chairman of the Cambodian Association of Finance and Technology (CAFT) who gave his welcome speech and Mr. Jack Lee, Vice Chairman of the Cambodian Internet Startup Association (CISA) who presented the collaborative remarks. NEAR Malaysia Cofounder Antonio, Octopus representative Kelson, 369 NFT representative Beryn and OG representative Joey Tan had presentations and messages in support of KH NEAR virtually and via video recordings.

The event was co-organized by CAFT, Fireworks Digital, IG Tech Group, D.Q.D. Consulting and CISA and featured blockchain projects such as as Togethër – a Live-To-Earn startup; Brixie – a Asset Fractional Ownership startup, 369 – a creator focus NFT marketplace, Octopus – interoperable Appchain Network and OG – a Web3 Talent Marketplace.

The launch is just the beginning of KH NEAR’s commitment to bringing awareness and supporting upskilling and talent development of the blockchain technology community in Cambodia. “One of our aims is to elevate Cambodia’s talent pool to be the pioneer of blockchain, through education, community and guidance.” as reiterated by Kim Puthkiry, President of IG Tech Group, which will be running the education programs on blockchain, on KH NEAR future activities.

If you want to join the KH NEAR Guild please use this link:

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