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#tgtwhatif 002: What If Your Favorite Café Earning T-Coins for You?

togethër, a pioneer in community-powered rewards, introduces an innovative feature, redefining the way we earn. Imagine your favorite café not only providing your daily caffeine fix but also boosting your T-coin balance through togethër's groundbreaking Community Powered Bonus.

Here's how it works:

  • Recommendation: Simply suggest your go-to café to join togethër.

  • Approval Process: Await approval from the togethër team for the suggested establishment.

  • Earn as Others Spend: Once approved, every purchase made at your recommended café or any other partnered establishment leads to you receiving the Community Powered Bonus in T-coins. It's a simple yet revolutionary chain reaction.

  • Extended Network Rewards: Your ‘Allies' transactions within the togethër network become an ongoing source of T-coin earnings for you.

#togetherWeCan have the power to transform our daily routines into a continuous stream of rewards. Let's work together to build a brighter future where each recommendation and every purchase contributes to the prosperity of us all.

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