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Dominating Retail: Togethër Retail's Global Strategy Targets 13M Outlets & $156M Earnings

Introducing Togethër Retail, a groundbreaking retail technology solution designed for small retailers worldwide. Our platform offers loyalty & rewards, lucky draw, vouchers, and a basic POS system, compatible with common mobile devices.

Our Free Package caters to the majority of small retailers, while the Premium Package at USD 10 per month per outlet provides advanced functionality. We anticipate a user base consisting of 90% Free Package users and 10% Premium Package users.

According to the World Bank, there are approximately 130 million small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) globally (source: World Bank). Assuming that 10% of these SMEs are small retailers, there would be around 13 million small retailers worldwide. Based on this data, Togethër Retail's projected user base consists of 11,700,000 Free Package users and 1,300,000 Premium Package users.

With the Premium Subscription, Togethër Retail estimates potential monthly earnings of USD 13,000,000.

Togethër Retail aims to revolutionize the retail industry globally, offering an affordable and user-friendly solution to drive growth and success for small retailers.

Please note that these figures are rough estimates based on several assumptions and limited data. To get a more accurate estimation, a thorough market analysis and comprehensive business plan would be necessary. #TogethërRetail #GlobalRetail #RetailTech #SmallRetailers #RetailRevolution #RetailDomination #RetailInnovation #RetailStrategy #PointOfSale #LoyaltyRewards

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