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#tgtwhatif 001 : What if we could earn rewards based on the purchases made by our friends?

Friendship Bonus

togethër revolutionizes how we think about connections and rewards. Inviting friends to our platform unlocks a unique "Friendship Bonus." Each time your friends make a purchase through our app, you earn T-coins. Imagine having 100 active friends on togethër; their daily transactions could mean you earning T-coins 100 times a day!

This feature isn't just about earning; it's about fostering a community where every transaction enriches your connections. The togethër Friendship Bonus symbolizes the strength of collective prosperity and the joy of shared success. Getting started is simple. Invite your friends to join togethër by sharing the invitation via a link or QR code that is provided in the app. As they become active users, you start earning T-coins with every transaction they make. The more friends you bring on board, the more your Friendship Bonus grows. It's a multiplier effect that turns every purchase into a celebration of shared success.

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