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Savings Guide For 2024

Are you ready to enhance your financial game? Learning the art of saving is the key to achieving future goals and desires. Buckle up as we reveal a guide that will help you to achieve your financial goal in 2024.

Set savings goals

Set a specific but attainable aim. It could be anything as simple as "save RM5,000 for traveling expenses" or it may be "pay off my credit card debt faster." To achieve your goal, you need to calculate to see how much you need to save each month or year. 

Create a 50/30/20 budget

We advocate the 50/30/20 budget for money management. This method entails allocating 50% of your after-tax income to requirements, 30% to wants, and 20% to savings and debt payments. If one of your allocations exceeds these percentages, you can make modifications elsewhere.

Delay purchases with the 30-day rule

One way to avoid overspending is to give yourself a cooling-off period between the time an item catches your eye and when you actually make the purchase. If you’re shopping online, consider putting the item in your shopping cart and then walking away until you’ve had more time to think it over. This way, you are giving yourself the period to reconsider if the purchase is really necessary.

Prep for grocery and household supplies

A little preparation before you head to the grocery shop will help you save money on groceries and household supplies. This might sound simple but creating a shopping list can prevent you from buying anything you don't need on the spur of the moment. Planning in advance and acquiring vouchers is an excellent strategy to avoid overspending and only buying essential items. Opting to purchase vouchers through togethër is a great option. With every ringgit spent by you and your friends within the togethër ecosystem, you earn rewards.

Enjoy community events 

Getting out and experiencing new things might be costly. Try to find any low-cost or free events in your community, such as a free weekend Zumba or yoga class. Community activities can be a low-cost way to spend quality time with friends and family. Pack snacks and water for outdoor events to cut down on meal costs. If dining out is your preference, be sure to purchase your meal vouchers through togethër to receive rewards. Keep in mind the importance of strategically allocating your spending to maximize value and attain your predetermined goals.

Make full use of cashback platforms

As we wrap up this savings journey, utilizing a cashback platform can bring numerous advantages. We want to ensure that every money spent contributes to your overall benefit, particularly when you receive rewards for your spending. togethër is a cashback platform that provides a range of vouchers for your selection. Moreover, each purchase made within the togethër ecosystem, by both you and your friends, results in rewards. Take a step towards enhancing your savings journey by joining the togethër community today.

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