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How To Beat Inflation In 2024

There is no denying that the cost of living has risen over the past few years. Many Malaysians have felt the pinch and lamented the fact that everything has gotten pricier. There’s no denying that inflation is still going to be there in 2024, making it crucial for individuals to reassess their budgets and adopt savvy financial strategies to navigate the challenging economic landscape.

We have crafted the perfect guide for you to follow to be financially savvy in 2024.

Reassess your spending habits

If you don't have a budget, now is the time to make one. If you have a budget, this is a good time to go over it. A budget is just a strategy for your money. Without a strategy, it’s easy to let that hard-earned money slip through your fingers. As the cost of everything goes higher, a budget can allow you to make a wiser decision when spending.

During your review, look for opportunities to cut items. While there’s likely nothing you can do about the cost of rent, you might be able to reduce the size of your entertainment subscriptions like Spotify Premium and Youtube Premium. Hey, using the free version is not that bad!

Detailed budget and saving goals

Creating a budget roadmap is essential to your savings journey. Take the time to analyze your income, fixed expenses, and other spending. Categorize your expenditures and identify areas where you can trim unnecessary costs. This strategic roadmap will help you have a better understanding of where your money goes and where you may make savings modifications.

Establishing specific savings goals adds purpose to your financial strategy. Whether it's an emergency fund or a down payment for a car. Having a defined objective will make you stay focused. Break down your goals into manageable milestones, and regularly assess your progress. This targeted approach not only motivates you to save consistently but also provides a tangible roadmap for your financial journey.

Shop smart

Shop smart is a fundamental pillar of effective savings. Begin by crafting a shopping list to prevent impulse buying and taking advantage of discounts on e-commerce platforms like Shopee and Tiktok shop which offers free shipping and various discount vouchers. Don’t underestimate cashback offers, you will never know how much you can save when using it. Cashback platforms like Shopback and togethër offer various cashback offers when you buy items on the platform. Technically, you’re saving money even when you’re spending money!

Diversify your income streams

Increasing your income plays a big role in your savings. Diversifying your income to include a side hustle or part-time job can help you to keep up with rising costs. Take inventory of your skills and consider if there's an opportunity to start your next side hustle. Whether it's freelance writing, graphic design, tutoring, or crafting handmade goods, there are countless possibilities for side hustles that align with your interests. 

The final key to beat inflation

Discover the ultimate solution to elevate your shopping experience with togethër! Our cashback platform offers a variety of vouchers for everything from your daily coffee cravings to essential home items. Plus, introducing friends unlocks rewards not just from your purchases but also from theirs within the togethër ecosystem. Embrace smart shopping, stay on budget, and boost your income diversity. Don't miss out on beating inflation—download togethër now on the App Store or Google Play Store!

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