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Progress Update from Yanzer Lee, 
CEO & Co-Founder of Togethër Inc.

Dearest Friends, Family & Associates,

First of all, thank you for believing in us and rest assured we are in this, together. Let me give you a progress update :

  1. We’ve setup entities in Singapore and Malaysia and engaged the award winning law firm, D&P Law Group, as our legal counsel to ensure all compliance and regulatory areas have been covered and your investments are protected.

  2. We are proud to announce that we have completed the creation of our Tokens, Mobile Apps, Marketing Collaterals and more. We’ve also partnered with 10 universities, 6 partners and 2 blockchain companies to ensure a strong ecosystem.

  3. Our core team has grown to include industry-leading advisors of the likes of: Shaun Paulian from D&P Law Group as our Legal Advisor, Tomas Pokorny from CAFT as our Fintech Advisor and a veteran Senior Tokenomic Advisor ( finalizing ).

  4. Finally, we are humbled by the awesome amount of support we've received from our Angel Investors, as we've received overwhelming investment pledges from Angels across dozens of industries - which validates our vision! We also have 3 VCs that have expressed interest in supporting us and we are in the midst of selecting the right strategic partners.

I would also like to address concerns regarding the recent bearish sentiment in both the Crypto and global Stock markets. We believe this is temporary and it’s a cycle where the market eliminates weaker offerings. We believe this is the best opportunity to enter into the space as Togethër is now poised to rise like a phoenix from the ashes of this new cycle!

With the above, I will say that, from the bottom of our heart, we are ready to accept your investment and use it accelerate all growth initiatives.

Togethër we prosper.



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